a dirty bathroom in a club with trash and bright orange overdrive fentanyl drug test kits to help prevent overdoses and lethal doses
a bright orange overdrive fentanyl fentanyl drug test kit box that helps prevent overdoses, dangerous side effects and lethal doses of fentanyl
Launching Fall 2024

Fentanyl Test Kit

The Fentanyl Test Kit is our first line of defense against overdoses. Our test strips provide reliable and straightforward testing for detecting fentanyl in drugs- a powerful synthetic opioid that is often secretly blended into substances and can be lethal even in the smallest doses. 

By detecting fentanyl, these strips help mitigate the risk of overdose and potential deaths. Our Fentanyl Test Strips offer you peace of mind by ensuring that you’re informed and prepared and you know what battlefield you're stepping into.

Established to save your life

Overdrive is the ultimate defense system, your shield in the shadows where danger likes to hide. We’re here to power you up, make you the boss of your own safety against the hidden threats of drug lacing and spiking. 

Did you know fentanyl can sneak into drugs like cocaine, heroin, meth, counterfeit prescription pills (oxycodone, xanax, and adderall), mdma/ecstasy and ketamine? Skipping out on testing for fentanyl and life-saving drug test kits is like playing russian roulette and the gun’s loaded, folks. Checking your drugs could literally mean the difference between life and death. So wise up, suit up and test your goods. Life’s too wild to go unprotected. 

Fentanyl Test Kit available Fall 2024 on Overdrivedefense.com and Amazon.

Drink Spike Test Kit coming soon.

What’s Inside

How To Use